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LUGGit luggage storage Barcelona. Enjoy your first and last hours in Barcelona without having to carry and look after luggage. Arrived too early for the check-in? Or do you have free time after check-out?

No worries! At LUGGit we collect your luggage, store it for as long as you need, and deliver it back to you at the time and place of your choice, so you can enjoy more time during your trip without lugging your bags around with you.



How does LUGGit work?

1. You book the service. You can instantly book your LUGGit service on our website or using our mobile app (download for iOS or Android). All you have to do is tell us your pick-up and drop-off locations, the desired times, and how many bags you have with you.
2. One of our LUGGit Keepers will meet you at your selected time and place.Before your Keeper meets you, you’ll be able to see all the necessary information about them, including their name and car details. All LUGGit Keepers wear an orange vest with their names so you can easily and quickly identify them.
3. Now you can enjoy your time without lugging your bags around. Your bags will be sealed and stored safely by LUGGit. Of course, you can always check where your bags are are using the LUGGit mobile app.

Why do so many choose LUGGIT?

LUGGit luggage storage Barcelona

Because by using LUGGit, you can:

  • Schedule your LUGGit pick-up in advance or order it in real time when you arrive in Barcelona. When scheduling your order in advance, a LUGGit Keeper will be at the place and time you chose to collect and store your luggage safely! If you book in real time, we will be on site as soon as possible to collect your luggage!

  • Enjoy the excellent service provided by our Keepers. They will collect your luggage, store it safely and deliver it back to you at the time and place you choose.

  • Stroll around the city more easily and comfortably before your hotel check-in, without carrying your luggage with you.

  • Our award-winning customer service team is available 24/7 to help you with any questions.

  • Take advantage of more convenient luggage storage, without having to go back there. We will deliver your luggage directly to your hotel, whenever you want!

Is LUGGit safe to use?

Yes! It's completely safe. Your bags are safe with us. Here's why: the safety of your luggage and your time comes first with us. We offer insurance on all LUGGit options. Our support team is always available to help you, so you have the best experience possible. You can always contact us using our live chat on the app or the website, or using the instant messaging app WhatsApp.

Contact us 24/7 here:


Telephone +351965965399

Whatsapp channel: +351965965399


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LUGGit luggage storage Barcelona

Wednesday, 06 December 2023