La Masella ski resort near Barcelona

Masella - ski resort near Barcelona

Masella is the closest ski station to Barcelona located at a very convenient distance just 150 km from Barcelona. Masella is a popular ski station and perfect for day trips from Barcelona. The Masella area has 72 km of pistes, so there is plenty to choose with many runs for beginners and intermediate skiers and many free ride areas for more accomplished skiers.

The journey by car is 1 hour and 30 minutes hours passing through the Serra del Cadí mountain range by way of the toll Tunel de Cadí.

After exiting the Tunel de Cadi you travel back up the Serra del Cadí mountain range to the ski area Masella

There is hardly any driving on mountain roads and seldom the need for snow chains, although it is always a good idea to have snow-chains available.

Masella is a popular ski station and perfect for day trips from Barcelona. The Masella area has 72 km of pistes, so there is plenty to choose with many runs for beginners and intermediate skiers and many free ride areas for more accomplished skiers.

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The Masella ski resort offers evening skiing every Thursday Friday and Saturday evening and on some bank holidays all through the winter.

13 pistes that are served by 7 ski lifts are illuminated from 18.30 – 21.30 on Thursdays and Fridays and from 18.00 – 21.00 on Saturdays

If you are planning to ski for a weekend or longer, then for a few more euros you can buy the Alp2500 ski pass, which includes access to neighbouring ski resort of La Molina. The base stations of La Masella and La Molina are 3km apart by road.

Both resorts still operate as separate sectors each with their own ski pass and piste map but a new cable car Telecabina Alp2500 connects La Molina to the Masella area. The combined zone of La Molina and Masella sectors of Alp2500 totals an impressive 133km pistes making it the biggest ski area in Catalunya. 

Masella and La Molina are both situated on two large peaks in the Serra del Cadí mountain range with views of the immense Cerdanya valley - Vall del la Cerdanya - which is the valley before Andorra and France and of the peaks of the Eastern Pyrenees - Pyrénées-Orientales.

The location of the Masella high on the north-eastern facing slopes of the mountain means that skiers have spectacular panoramic views of the long and stretching Cerdanya valley capped by mountain peaks of Andorra and France. Masella's 2537m.

La Tosa is the highest peak in the Alp2500 zone and at the top you the views stretch south as far as the hills near Barcelona like Montseny and Montessert. The Masella sector boasts 90% north-facing pistes with 80% of them through the fabulously scenic Boscos de Masella woods that cloak Masella's ski area.

Masella opened in 1967 and since then has been a very popular ski destination for day trips from Barcelona.

Like many Catalan ski stations, the base station of Masella is not a natural village but as the ski station increased in popularity over the past decades a village of holiday homes. hotels and apartments has started to grow at the foot of the ski lifts, but at the moment neighbour La Molina has more to offer in the way of hotels,bars and shops.  

Masella has a skiable area of 74 km with 64 ski pistes in 10 piste sectors that have 9 green runs, 24 blue runs, 22 red runs and 9 black runs. The two longest pistes are Dues Estacions 2772 m and La Plana 3166 m .

Masella's elevation is 935 m from 1600 m at the Pla de Masella base station up to the peak of to La Tosa at 2537 m.

There is a snowpark at 2020m in the La Pleta sector of Masella called "Parc de neu La Pleta" at 2020m with big jumps, boxes, rails, a rainbow and 12m S box (access via TGV 6 man chairlift.

If you are at Masella after a fresh snowfall snowboarders and skiers alike will love the large and easily accessible free ride off-piste area next to the La Tosa lifts that is suitable for powder beginners and intermediates to practise on.

There are no sharp drops and the free ride area runs along side the Isards red run until it joins the Isards run further down, so  no chance of getting lost.

Masella has three main lift areas each with a car park. The largest car park is located at Pla De Masella base station, where you will also find ski rental shops, ski schools, restaurants and cafés, children's area and beginners' slopes.

For daytrips or weekends of skiing Masella and neighbour La Molina, is perfect for intermediate skiers and families looking for good quality alpine skiing.

Don't worry if it has not snowed recently in the area. Masella has advanced snow making facitlities with over 400 snow cannons so it is open for a long 5 months every winter. 

Like most Spanish ski resorts, Masella is only crowded at weekends and bank holidays, and even then the queues are seldom more than a five minute wait.

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