Where to stay in Barcelona 2024

Where to stay in Barcelona 2024

Quick guide to best area to stay with maps and tips

First time tourists could stay 1) near central square Plaça de Catalunya 2) in the Eixample neighbourhood, 3) In medieval gothic neighbourhood 4) in the summer months in Sant Marti neighbourhood near beaches. Read more by scrolling down.

Updated January 2024

Barcelona has hills and beaches, medieval and modern neighbourhoods, so there's something for everyone. Despite its compact size, Barcelona is easily navigable on foot or by metro, allowing you to stay anywhere and conveniently explore the city. If you are a family find best area for family with children

Map best areas to stay Barcelona

Barcelona has a very varied landscape with hills, beaches, medieval and modern neighbourhoods, so there's something for everyone.

Find the best area to stay for your visit. If you are a family,  check our family with children guide

The 4 central Barcelona areas which are most popular and considered the best place to stay in Barcelona for first time tourists on a first visit are as follows:

This is a short overview - scroll further down this page for a more complete and detailed description of each area.

1) Plaça de Catalunya

Central city square
Located between 19th century area and the medieval parts of city.
Best place to stay for central access to everything.
Hotels near Plaça de Catalunya

2) Eixample district

Central area
19th century modernist architecture.
Best place for shopping and comfort
Hotels Eixample area

3) Ciutat Vella district

Medieval city area
Narrow streets and old architecture.
Best place to stay for history and charm
Hotels Gothic area

4) Sant Marti district 

Former industrial area
Now office and residential area near beaches
Modern architecture. 
Best place to stay for sea and beaches.
Hotels near beach

Our choices

Our first choice is area around the central downtown square called Plaça de Catalunya which we think is the best place to stay in Barcelona for short visits to the city. This is our first choice because it is most central and best connected to many top sights. Plaça de Catalunya is walking distance to the medieval city center and to the newer 19th century modernist area. 

Our second choice is the district called Eixample (pronounced Esh-sharm-pluh) This is the modernist area of Barcelona developed from late 19th century. 

Our third choice is to stay inside the medieval city district Ciutat Vella (pronounced (See-oo-tat Vey-ya) which is rich in charm and history. 

Our fourth choice, which is mostly for summer visits, is the  neighbourhoods of district Sant Marti because it's close to Barcelona's beaches.

Barcelona's top 10 attractions are spread around the city as you can see from the map below. 

The most central place for all top sights is near Plaça de Catalunya central square, but the city is small and well connected by metro and tram.

Best area to stay in Barcelona Spain

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