Top Travel Tips Barcelona 2019

TOP Travel Tips Barcelona

Essential & practical travel tips for visitors to Barcelona, Spain

1) Read the advice about pickpockets. They are like magicians, so if you don't want to lose phones and wallets in the metro, read our pickpocket tips.

2) For Sagrada Familia and Park Guell and Picasso museum - book skip-the-line tickets in advance unless you want to stand in line

3) Tours outside Barcelona. If you have a few days in Barcelona then book a tour to one of the sights outside the city. 

4) Avoid tours outside Barcelona on your travel day. You might get stuck in traffic coming back. 

5) Avoid tours outside Barcelona at weekend. Destinations like Montserrat, Costa Brava, Sitges are quite full at weekends. 

7) The weekends are good for visiting museums and sights in Barcelona. Some museums are free after 3pm on Sundays.

8) Thank you for being a good tourist. Tips for being a good tourist.

8) Go and see Leo Messi play at Camp Nou stadium if you have a chance. Later in life you can impress grandchildren by having seen Messi play live. He is a legend like Pele, Muhammed Ali or Elvis. 

9) Check your connections and plan your transfers. Are you arriving by cruise or airplane or train?

10) Pack the right stuff for a visit. There are four seasons in Barcelona. Find out what to wear each month

11) Try churros for breakfast.

12) The bathing season (for non-vikings) is end May to end September. Barcelona beach map.

13) Barcelona has hills and beaches, medieval and modern neighbourhoods, so there's something for everyone. Find best areas to stay.

Thank you for visiting our lovely city.

We hope you have the time of your life and come back soon!

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