How to get from from Barcelona airport to cruise ship port

Getting to cruise ships from Barcelona airport

Updated 2019

There is no direct bus shuttle from Barcelona airport to any of the cruise ships terminals

There is no train shuttle service from Barcelona airport to any of the cruise ships terminals

What is best way to get from Barcelona airport to cruise terminals?

From Barcelona Airport the best way to go directly to a cruise ship is by Taxi or by ordering a private transfer 

For all cruise travellers this is the most convenient and still quite an economical option because there is a flat taxi fee (T4) from Barcelona airport to the cruise ships

One could save a little money by taking the Aerobus airport bus to central square Plaza Espanya then catch a taxi from there to the cruise ships, but.. the savings are not big enough in our opinion to justify the inconvenience.

How much is flat taxi rate Barcelona airport to cruise ships?

The fixed flat rate - called T4 - for official taxi to/from Barcelona airport to cruise ships on pier Moll Adossat in Port of Barcelona. 

The 2019 flat rate fixed price is €39 which includes all surcharges/supplements.

Check this rate on the sticker on the taxi window and with the Taxi driver.  

You can usually pay by credit card in most Barcelona taxis, but as a precaution you should always ask the driver if he accepts payment by credit card
Map Barcelona cruise ship dock Moll Adossat pier

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