Primark Barcelona Popular

Avinguda Diagonal, 33, 08019, Barcelona
Nearest Metro
Maresme / Forum L4
City District
Sant Marti: Diagonal Mar
+34 933562572
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Primark Barcelona
Primark Barcelona. Primark stores Barcelona. Primark is a low cost clothing store. Primark has 2 locations in Barcelona city center. You can find Barcelona Primark shops in two shopping centres in the center of Barcelona which are called Diagonal Mar shopping centre and the L'Illa shopping centre. The Primark store in the Diagonal Mar shopping centre is in the Sant Marti district of Barcelona, which is about 15 minutes by metro Line 4 from the centre of Barcelona.

The L'Illa shopping center Primark is in the upper area of Barcelona on Avenida Diagonal and best reached by bus or tram.

Primark is an Irish low cost clothing shop with a wide range of smart and cheap clothes for men, women and children.

Great place to shop for summer gear, when visiting Barcelona. Primark is called Penneys in Ireland, but called Primark in other European countries.

Primark also has stores in other locations in near Barcelona Spain including in the Centro Comercial Splau in Cornella del Llobregat near Barcelona.

Primark Barcelona opening times:

Open Mondays to Saturdays: 10:00 to 22:00
Nearest Metro station: L4 Maresme / Forum Barcelona metro map
Tram: Stop Maresme Barcelona tram map

Monday, 05 December 2022