R2 Nord Train to Barcelona airport

R2 Nord Train to Barcelona airport

Train connection R2 Nord train to Barcelona El Prat airport. The line name is R2 Nord Aeroport - Maçanet-Massanes.


The R2 Nord leaves from Barcelona-Passeig de Gràcia station in Barcelona city center - or from station Sants in city center. Please note that the R2 Nord train is not on the same tracks as metro trains, so find the signs or ask for help in finding the R2 Nord line.

It is easiest to find the entrance to the R2 Nord trains from Passeig de Gracia street by going to the famous Casa Batllo by Gaudi on Passeig de Gracia and then entering the Passeig de Gracia station there. Look for the Adif sign.

Travel times:

Travel time for train Barcelona-Sants station to Airport Terminal 2 (T2B) is 24 minutes

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Description R2 / R2 Nord line

It's important to note that the R2 train - without the word Nord in the name - does not go to Barcelona airport.

The R2 ends at station El Prat de Llobregat and from there you can switch to R2 Nord which is one station from Airport terminal 2. 

There are only two R2 Nord train departures per hour from the Passeig de Gracia station, so the R2 Nord train can take longer than the Aerobus airport buses or a Taxi or an airport private transfer - and the R2 Nord train only goes to T2 terminal at the airport. The travel time is 24 minutes for 

It is not possible to walk between Barcelona airport terminals, but you can use free green shuttle terminal buses between terminals T1 and T2 which leave every 5 minutes

The travel time between the T1 and T2 terminal at Barcelona airport on the green bus is 12 minutes.

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