Where do Royal Caribbean cruises depart from in Barcelona? Map and information

Where do Royal Caribbean cruises depart from in Barcelona

Updated January 2024.

Where do Royal Caribbean cruises depart in Barcelona. Which Barcelona dock and terminal number do Royal Caribbean cruise ships use.

Royal Caribbean cruises at Barcelona are at the 'Moll Adossat' dock. Moll Adossat is the Catalan language name and in the Spanish language it's called 'Muelle de Adosado.'

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Barcelona Airport is 15 km (9-mile) drive away from the port and Moll Adossat.

There is no direct bus or train connection between Barcelona airport and the cruise port. 

The easiest way to the Moll Adossat cruise terminals from airport is by taxi. There is a fixed taxi price for rides between Barcelona airport and the MSC cruise ship dock.

Barcelona Sants railway station is about 6 km away from the the Moll Adossat dock. There is both a taxi and a bus service to the cruise port from outside Sants station.

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Map Barcelona cruise ship dock Moll Adossat pier

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