Christmas tree in Barcelona - where to buy Christmas trees

Where to buy a Christmas tree in Barcelona?

You can buy Christmas trees at Barcelona Christmas markets 

Outside Barcelona, a popular place to buy a Christmas tree is at the 'Fira de l'Avet' Christmas tree market in Espinelves in the northen part of central Catalonaia.

(The name is very Christmassy and even has the English word 'elves' in it, but that's just a coincidence.) 

The Espinelves Christmas market is from 3 to 11 December every year ad Espinelves  is a 84 km drive from Barcelona.

Thousands of visitors come to Espinelves to search for the finest Christmas trees and the market has numerous stalls offering a wide array of Christmas decorations.

Location: Fira de l’Avet d’Espinelves – Carrer de Sant Hilari, 4, 17405 Espinelves, Girona

Price: Free entrance

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