Map Festa Major de Gracia

Map of Festa de Gracia Barcelona

Map Festa Major de Gracia
Guide in English 2017 Festa Major de Gracia
Theme posters for Gracia street decorations

22 decorated streets 2017

Carrer Berga
Carrer Ciudad Real
Carrer Fraternitat de Baix
Carrer Fraternitat de Dalt
Carrer Jesús
Carrer Joan Blanques de Baix
Carrer Joan Blanques de Baix de Tot
Carrer Llibertat
Carrer Mozart
Carrer Placeta de Sant Miquel i rodalies
Carrer Perill
Carrer Perla
Carrer Maspons
Carrer Progrés
Carrer Providència
Carrer Puigmartí
Carrer Tordera
Carrer Verdi del Mig
Plaça de la Vila
Plaça del Poble Romaní
Plaça Rovira i Trias
Placeta Sant Miquel
Carrer Travessia de Sant Antoni


Where is Gracia Festival? Map and location

Map Festes de Gràcia. It is easy to find the Gracia area of Barcelona. From the centre of Barcelona it is a 15 to 20 minute walk up the Passeig de Gracia street from Plaza Catalunya square. Passeig de Gracia means road to Gracia and the name comes from the time when Gracia was a separate village from Barcelona. Most of the Gracia Festival is in the area of Gracia called "Vila de Gracia" marked on the map below.

If you take a taxi, then the taxi driver will probably drop you on on the edge of the festival area and then you just walk in. There are maps of the festival plazas and streets in many places and in the programmes which you can get free at many stands.
If you take the metro then take the green line metro to one of these three metro stations near the Gracia Festival: Fontana green L3, Diagonal green L3 or Joanic yellow L4 (see Barcelona metro map)

Map location Festa Major de Gracia

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