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Map 2023 Festa de Gracia Barcelona

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Map of streets 2023 Note. the blue circles with white arrows indicate which way to enter the decorated street.


Where is Gracia Festival? Map and location

The Gracia festival is in the Gracia district of Barcleona. It is easy to find.

If you are in the center of Barcelona on the downtown central square called Plaça de Catalunya, then it is a 20 to 25 minute walk along the street Passeig de Gracia from the Plaça de Catalunya square.

The street name Passeig de Gracia means "path to Gracia" - the name dates back to 19th century to the time, when Gracia was a separate village from the city of Barcelona.

Most of the Gracia Festival is in the area of Gracia called 'Vila de Gracia' marked on the map below, which is the oldest part of the Gracia district.

If you take a taxi, then the taxi driver will drop you on on the edge of the Gracia festival area - and from there then you just walk in, find a map, and join the party.

There are maps of the festival plazas and streets in many places and in the festival programmes, which you can buy for €1 in cafes or festival events.

If you take the metro, then take the green line metro to one of these three metro stations nearest to the Gracia Festival:

Metro station Fontana or metro station Diagonal on metro green line L3  - or metro station Joanic on metro yellow line L4

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Map location Festa Major de Gracia

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