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Caganer - the Christmas crapper!

Catalan Caganer. Look among the figures in a Christmas 'pessebre' nativity scene in Barcelona Catalonia and you will usually find a odd little character called el Caganer.

The name literally means 'the pooper' or 'the crapper' or 'the shitter' - take your pick! This is a strange and unique Catalan Christmas tradition which brings good luck.

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El Caganer is the naughty and cheeky figure who can been seen in Catalan navitivy scenes. The original El Caganer is a little elf or gnome-like figurine, who wears the traditional Catalan 'barretina' red beret.

He gets his name of the 'Christmas crapper', or 'Christmas Pooper' because he has his trousers down, a bare backside and is defecating (pooping) Very naughty little fellow! 

You can buy a Caganer figure in most souvenir shops in the city centre and at the Christmas markets of Barcelona. In recent years the popularity of El Caganer has spread and there are now  hundreds of caganer figures with new ones being added every year. 

Among the new caganer figures in 2022 are FC Barcelona star player Lewandowski, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Lady Gaga, King Charles III, Eleven from Stranger Things, and Rishi Sunak, Ukrainian president Zelenskyy and Real Madrid player Karim Benzem among others. For 2023 the new Messi World Cup caganer will be very popular. It shows former Barça player holding trophy aloft while defecating.

The caganer figurines are all handmade and cost from €5 to €20 per figurine depending on size. Visit to see the new 2023 Caganer figures. 


The origins of el crapper are a bit murky, but apparently the Caganer has been dropping his britches to 'fertilize the earth' since the middle of the 19th century at least.

There are Caganer versions of almost every aspect of life in Catalonia. No-one famous can escape their 'Caganer' destiny.

There are caganer versions of many famous people from Caganer President Trump to Caganer Homer Simpson to the Pope.

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Messi World Cup caganer.

Messi Caganer world cup

Caganer Hilary Clinton, Caganer Donald Trump and Caganer Le Pen


You can see all the new caganer figures it the Caganer market stall at the Santa Lucia Christmas market at Barcelona Cathedral. 




Dali, John Lennon, Pablo Picasso and Mick Jagger caganers


A poo too far? In 2013 the caganer caused controversy because for the first time ever a caganer was made of the revered co-patron saint of Catalonia the blessed Virgin of Montserrat. This drew protests from bishops and many in the general public. 


Caganers of Nelson Mandela and Pope Francis 


Most of the famous FC Barcelona players and ex-players have caganers like Puyol, Neymar Jr and Messi. Messi has several versions.


President Putin, Anonymous and President Obama caganer statues


You can even get a 'fake' Playmobil Caganer figure

Playmobil caganer
Caganer version of castellers human tower groups

Caganer castellers

Visit to see all the new caganer figures. The caganer figurines are all handmade and cost from € 5-20 per figurine depending on size. 

Caganer Independista

Queen Elisabeth and Fidel Castro caganers


Kate and William caganers

British Royal Family Caganer

F1 caganers

F1 drivers Caganer

Huge caganer in the outdoor 2011 pessebre nativity scene on Plaza Jaume in Barcelona

Caganer Pl Jaume

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