FAQ. What is the telephone international dialing code Spain

FAQ. What is the telephone international dialing code for Spain?

Spanish dialing codes
What is the telephone international dialing code for Spain? What number do I dial to call telephone numbers in Barcelona and Spain? The international telephone dialing country code for Spain is + 34 (also called the International Dialling Code) In some cases you can dial 0034 instead of +34.

Barcelona dialing codes
The telephone city code for land lines / fixed telephones in Barcelona is 93. You do not need to add a + before the 93. The 93 just tells you that you are dialing a number in Barcelona. All land line phone numbers in Barcelona start with 93 and have nine digits in total. Mobile numbers in Barcelona are 9 digits and usually start with a 6 but it can vary. Many visitors to Spain now use Skype or other internet based phone services for cheap long distance calls.  

WIFI hotspots in Barcelona
Most hotels in Barcelona offer free WIFI internet access in rooms or in the lobby. You can still buy International telephone cards like scratch cards with values of  €5 or €10 from kiosks or "locutorios." Locutorios are small shops which offer long distance phone calls and internet cafe access. Locutorios can be found in most neighbourhoods of Barcelona. 

Prepaid Sim card Barcelona
You can buy cheap Spanish mobile phones with a local number or just get a a local pre-paid Spanish SIM card which can be used in an unlocked GSM phone which you can top up during your stay.

Time Zone Barcelona Spain
Barcelona is located in the GMT+1 time zone

Information about Barcelona time zone  

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