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La Festa Major de Gracia 2018

Festes de Gràcia 2017 - calendar and visitor guide 
Fiesta mayor de Gràcia festival 15th August to 21st August 2017

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Guide to Barcelona's Festa de Gracia festival 2017 in English with recommendations for top things to do. The 2017 Gracia Festival opens on 15th August 2017 for the 200th anniversary edition. The Gracia festival dates are always 15th to 21st August every year. The first day of the festival on 15th August is a public holiday in Spain called Assumption day.

Congratulations to everyone in Gracia for 200th anniversary of Festa Major de Gracia. The Gracia Festival is considered by many to be Barcelona's best, nicest, most festive and most welcoming street festival. It takes place in the Gracia neighbourhood of Barcelona which is located 20 minutes on foot from the city center in the direction of the hill range to the north west of Barcelona. On this webpage you can find the Gracia festival 2017 programme highlights, unmissable top events and tips and ideas for what to see.

Cartell Festa Gracia 2017

You also find links to Festa de Gracia map, Festa de Gracia Iphone and Android apps and where to find the daily programme and schedule of Barcelona's biggest block party street festival which takes place every year from 15th to 21st August. You can buy the full Festa de Gracia programme at the festival which has all the info and maps at the festival venues for €1.

IMPORTANT message for visitors: The Gracia festival is famous for it's hospitality and for welcoming all cultures and persons to the festival. However please note that this is fundamentally still a festival for Gracia neighbours and residents, but the residents of Gracia are kind enough to welcome visitors. In return for welcoming tourists and visitors with open arms, they ask that you respect the neighbourhood and the decorations and be careful not to create noisy disturbances after 1pm at night. As always we would like to offer our thanks to the wonderful residents of the Gracia neighbourhood of Barcelona for giving up some much of their spare time and holidays in August to make the Gracia Festival such a wonderful experience for all visitors and Barcelona residents.

Map location Festa Major de Gracia


The Gracia festival is a very colourful local street festival that fills many streets and plazas in the Gracia area of Barcelona. Gracia was once a separate village from the city of Barcelona and was not fully incorporated into the city until 1897. This is why the Gracia neighbourhood still has narrow village streets and a special village feel and charm.


The Festa Major de Gracia street festival is Barcelona's biggest, most colourful and most popular neighbourhood festival. The neighbourhood festivals are organised by residents of local neighbours with the aim of bringing the residents and neighbours together in communal activities and events. It's a wonderful tradition and the Gracia festival is the most famous of all the local Barcelona festivals, attracting over one and a half million visitors each year in August. 



Useful pages:
Map decorated streets Gracia Festival
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Iphone App Festa de Gracia
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PDF Programa Festa Major de Gracia program

It has been declared a Traditional Festival of National Interest by the Generalitat of Catalonia and also awarded the Creu de Sant Jordi (St George's Cross). As in previous years, many of the Gracia neighbourhood's streets are decorated and filled with activities for all the family including competitions, workshops, sports, concerts and lots more.

The best time to visit the Gracia festival in Barcelona (in our opinion) is in the evening from 8pm when it starts to get dark, but not on the first evening when it is most crowded. The ights on most streets are switched on at around 8.30 pm and the decorations look nicer when they are illuminated. The first two days of the Gracia festival are always very crowded, so have patience and please be careful with the street decorations which are handmade and often fragile. 



The Festes de Gràcia always presents an extensive and varied programme of more than 500 activities of which over 300 are for families and children during the day. Many activiites are also specifically for residents, but the many free concerts and the street decorations are free for visitors to enjoy.

This popular festival is organised by the neighbours and families in Gracia and like all Festa Major festivals in Spain and Catalonia it was originally only for residents, but the originality and beauty of the Gracia street decorations has become world famous and now people come from all over Barcelona and from all over the world to experience the annual Gracia festival.

In 2017 22 Gracia streets and plazas will be decorated by the residents and during the 5 days of the Gracia festival you can experience many wonderful Catalan traditions in a full programme of concerts and activities which bring the streets of Gracia to life during the festival.

Smartphone Apps for Gracia Festival

The Festa de Gracia festival has smart phone apps for Android and Iphone. Download them here:
Iphone App Festa de Gracia
Pictures Festa Major de Gràcia


Map location Gracia Festival

It is easy to find the Gracia area of Barcelona. From the centre of Barcelona it takes15 to 20 minutes to walk up the Passeig de Gracia street from Plaza Catalunya square. Passeig de Gracia means road to Gracia and the name comes from the time when Gracia was a separate village from Barcelona. Most of the Gracia Festival is in the area of Gracia called 'Vila de Gracia' marked on the map below. If you take a taxi, then the taxi driver will drop you on on the edge of the festival area and then you just walk in.

There are maps of the festival plazas and streets in many places and in the programmes which you can get free at many stands. If you take the metro then take the green line metro to one of these three metro stations near the Gracia Festival: Fontana green L3, Diagonal green L3 or Joanic yellow L4  see Barcelona metro map 
Hotels near Gracia Festival Barcelona

Map location Festa Major de Gracia

Around 20 streets and squares in Gracia are decorated during the Gracia festival in 2016. The decoration are hand-made by the residents who  spend hours and hours transforming their street into hand crafted fantasy worlds with charming carnival style decorations and themes. The decorations change theme each year and the streets competes for the prized award ot best decorated street or square of the Gracia festival. We remind you kindly to enjoy the decorations, but to be very careful not to damage them, so that they can be enjoyed all through the festival period.

All the decorated streets are worth seeing, but it can take a while to get to all of them, so be sure to visit the streets that are most famous for their decorations like Carrer de Joan Blanques and Carrer de Verdi. On the first night of the Gracia festival, it is usually very crowded; the streets are narrow and so patience and care is needed. The streets are narrow and the first night attracts the most number of visitors.

Top things to do Gracia festival

Don't miss the decorated streets and plazas at the Gracia Fesival. You can find them on the Gracia Festival map of decorated streets. It is best to visit streets in the first days of the Gracia festival. The prizes for best decorated streets are always announced on 16/8 and after the prize giving the decorations start show some wear and tear. There is also a competition for the best decorated balconies in the Gracia area.

Date: Tuesday 15th August 2017
Event: Cercavila de Cultura Popular
What is it:  Festa de Gracia's main parade - Cercavila de Cultura Popular. Biggest parade of the Gracia Festival. This is a festive early evening parade featuring all groups of the festa major including the gegants (giants of Gracia including two sun and moon giants called 'la Gresca i el Torradet')  caps grossos (big heads)  dracs (dragons), castellers (human castle groups) bastoners (stick dancers) grallers (pipers) and many more. Worth seeing! MAP parade route
Time: 18.00 - 6pm 
Start:  Junction of streets Carrer de Santa Àgata + Gran de Gracia 
Map: Google MAP parade route   
Finish: Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia



Wednesday 16th August 2017
Event: Parade Cercavila de Sant Roc
What is it: Parade with gegants (giants), castellers (tower builders), trabucaires (bandits) and bastoners (pipers). 
Finishes at 11:00 with homage to Sant Roc. (see also Sant Roc Festival in gothic area of Barcelona)
Time: 10:30 
Start: Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia 
Finish: junction streets Libertat/Fraternitat


14th, 16th and 17th August 2017
Event: Assaig a Plaça dels Castellers de la Vila de Gràcia
What is it: Human towers practise display. Castellers de la Vila de Gràcia make human towers on Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia. 
Assaig means rehearsal or attempt. These sessions are warm ups before the castellars events on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th. 
Time: 20:00
Place: Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia

Friday 18th August 2017
Event: Baixada del Pilar Caminat (the walking column) 
What is it: Castellers de la Vila de Gràcia make a human castle in a single column and walk it from Plaça del Sol to Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia town hall.
Time: 19.30 
Place: from Plaça del Sol to Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia
Castellers de la Vila de Gràcia make a human tower and walk it from Plaça del Sol to Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia town hall. 

Friday 18th August 2017
Event: Diada castellera de Vigilies
What is it: Human tower building event
Time: 20:00
Place: Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia

Saturday 19th August 2017
Event: Diada Castellera de Festa Major
What is it:  Human tower building. Biggest castellers event of Gracia festival by 'Castellers de la Vila de Gràcia' and other invited human tower groups.
Time: 18:00
Place: Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia


Monday 21st August 2017
Event: Firerun - Correfoc infantil
What is it: Correfoc firerun in a smaller format for children
Time: 18:30
Start:  Plaça del Diamant
Route:  Plaça del Diamant, Astúries, plaça Virreina, Astúries, Torrent d’en Vidalet, Terol, Torrent de l’Olla, Diluvi
Finish:  Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia
Map:  Route Map correfoc infantil

Monday 21st August 2017
Event: Drum parade - Tabalada Infernal 
What is it: drum parade with drummers from the 'colles de foc' fireworks groups.
Time: 20.00
Start: Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia  
Finish: Plaça Trilla

Monday 21st August 2017
Event: Firerun - Correfoc
Time:  21:30 to 23:00
Start:  Plaça Trilla 
Route:  Plaça Trilla, Gran de Gràcia, Maurici Serrahima, Torrent de l'Olla, Bellver, Plaça del Nord, Robí, Torrent d'en Vidalet, Terol, Torrent de l'Olla, Diluvi
Finish at:  Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia
Route map:  not available yet

Correfoc is the traditional 'firerun' in which the spectators are chased by 'devil' groups brandished sparkling fireworks. Very dramatic and festive. Read correfoc safety guidelines


Festa Major de Gracia parades

The 'cercavila' parades are fun and wonderful for the children. These are parades that open the Festa de Gracia and are on the first day. They feature all the groups of the Festa Major de Gracia including the huge colourful papier-mache giant dolls called gegants that can be up to 4 metres high. There is usually always a King and Queen giant and a string of other characters in attendance. There are also often papier-mache capgrossos which means 'big heads'. 

Gracia festival plazas

Many plazas in the Gracia festival have concert stages and stalls with food, drink and handicraft items. The main festival squares like Plaça del Sol, Plaça del Diamant, Plaça de la Revolució, Plaça de les Dones del 36 and Plaza de Torrente Manuel have individual themes.  Plaça de les Dones del 36 hosts family shows, Plaça de la Revolució has a theme of solidarity and social inclusion with daytime activities including book exchange, storytelling, games, responsibility workshops and more. Plaça del Diamant is the plaza for swing music and dance, Plaça del Sol hosts a programme of folk concerts. Plaça de la Virreina hosts craft fairs.


Catalan festival traditions

The Festa Major de Gràcia features, like all Catalan festivals, a rich presence of all the traditional cultural Catalan traditions including the 'Diada Castellera de Festa Major.' This features colles castelleres which are groups that build up to 7 or 8 storey high human towers or castles, which is an amazing thing to see live. During the festa major there are many opportunties to see the local castellers group - called 'Castellers de la Vila de Gracia' - build these amazing towers. On one of the festival nights they build a tower and move it between two plazas, which is called the "Baixada del Pilar Caminat." See the times for castellers above or in the events calendar.

The correfoc and tabalada infernal are also among the most popular and festive traditions of all festivals in Catalunya. Correfoc means 'firerun' in Catalan and consists of 'colles de diables' - -  'groups of devils' chasing and dancing to the beating of drums and spraying out sparks from fireworks on forked sticks. The drummers of the Correfoc have their own parade called the 'Tabalada Infernal.' There will be also be traditional Catalan sardanas folk dancing and other traditions like bastoners stick dancing, trabucaires shooting 'bandits' and grallers pipers. 

About typical Catalan festival traditions

Concurs de Balcons i Portalades

For the 19th year Gracia residents can enter the contest to find the best decorated balcony or doorway during the Gracia Festival


Respect the local residents please!

In recent years the Festa de Gracia has scheduled more daytime events and fewer night-time activities to respect the neighbours and reduce the potential of disturbances in the early hours of the morning. And we ask that all visitors to the Festa de Gracia do their bit to keep noise levels down and keep the area as clean as possible. Be careful when walking through the decorated streets. A lot of time and effort has gone into making them and many others will want to see them after you.

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Festa Major de Gracia practical information
Saturday 15th August 2016 is Asunción - Assumption day, which is a Spanish public holiday

Metro times Festa de Gracia
During the Fiesta de Gracia the Barcelona Metro has extended operating hours on certain days. 

Festa de Gracia night bus
There is usually special bus service from corner of streets Còrsega and Roger de Llúria to Plaza Catalunya. This bus service runs on nights of 15 to 20 August from 23.00 until 05.00 every 10 minutes. From Plaza Catalunya you can catch NitBus night buses

Charity wristbands 
The Festa de Gracia ask that visitors to the festival support the Spanish Catholic church charity Caritas by buying a €2 wristband on sale during the Gracia Festival. The wristband slogan is  "Festa amb cor" - party with your heart. 


About Gràcia district /barrio

Gràcia is a district of the city of Barcelona above Eixample to the south and sandwhiched between Sarrià-Sant Gervasi to the west and Horta-Guinardó to the east. The district contains the neighborhoods barris of of Vallcarca, Penitents, El Coll, La Salut and Camp d'en Grassot. Gràcia is bordered by the districts of Eixample to the south, Around 120,000 people live in Gracia.

The name Gràcia originates from a Carmelite convent dating back to 17 de gener de 1626 called 'Nostra Senyora de Gràcia (Our Lady of Grace).' Until 1897 Vila de Gràcia was a separate village and municipality from Barcelona city. To get through the fields from Barcelona to Gracia you traveled on the road called Passeig de Gracia, the passage to Gràcia. This road still has the same name to this day and has become Barcelona's most exclusive shopping street. 

In 1897 Gracia village was annexed to Barcelona and as the city expanded Gracia became surrounded, but remained largely intact, which explains why oldest barrio of Vila de Gràcia still has plenty of old world charm despite being in the middle of a modern city like Barcelona. It’s this special atmosphere of Gracia that makes it a popular residential area for locals and foreigners. About 50.000 people live in the quaint old narrow streets of Vila de Gracia. 

Gracia has an strong feeling of local identity and local charm. There are no big tourist attractions in Gracia, which means that tourist buses, street artists and fast food chains have not claimed the shops and the streets of Gracia. This has left space for the residents to weave a neighbourhood tapestry of bohemian and artistic shops, cafes and restaurants.  

The most popular street in Gracia to is Carrer de Verdi, which is sort of the "rambla" of Gràcia with many charming small shops and restaurants. The only time when the really tourists visit Gracia in their thousands is during the annual Festa Major de Gracia street festival. 

The Gracia festival is centred in the Vila de Gracia area - the village of Gracia. Usually around 55.000 people live in the Gracia area, but during Gracia festival week over half a million visitors drop in to the neighbourhood for a drink and a stroll around the decorated street. The  Festa Major de Gracia has grown to be the most popular and largest neighbourhood festival in Barcelona, only surpassed in size and visitor numbers by the Barcelona Merce festival, which is in September every year. 

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