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Also called the Glòries Tower.  The Torre Agbar is the bullet shapped building on Barcelona's skyline in the Glòries area of Barcelona around the Glòries plaza

Torre Agbar is a recent and popular addition to the Barcelona skyline is the Torre Agbar, the Agbar Tower, which symbolises a water geyser spouting up from the earth.

Please note that the Torre Agbar is not open to the public.

Torre Agbar illumination times are as follows: Summer - from 28 March to 31 September lit up daily from 21:00 to 24:00. Winter - from 1 October to 27 March lit up daily from 19:00 to 23:00.

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Agbar Tower near Glories Barcelona
Torre Agbar was built in 2004 and is 144 m / 474 ft high. It was designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, who also designed the nearby Poblenou park.

The tower has 33 floors of offices: The name is Agbar Tower, because it was built to consolidate all the offices of the water company Agbar in one building

Agbar Tower - Torre Agbar Barcelona
The design symbolises a water geyser. It has also become a symbol of the change in the former industrial area of Poblenou which was once known as the "Manchester" of Catalonia because of the many factories in the area. Poblenou is now home to the new hi-tech business area called @22 Barcelona and a popular area for foreigners to live in Barcelona. Torre Agbar with tram passing

There is no public viewing deck and the building itself is not open to the general public. 

Barcelona photo gallery Torre Agbar

Torre Agbar is worth seeing if only from outside.  Especially when it is illuminated in a dazzling array of 4,500 yellow, blue, pink and red lights on the outside.

Normally the illuminations are static, but on some occasions, such as New Year's Eve and Christmas the tower has a special light show.

Agbar Tower - Barcelona

To get to the Torre Agbar take the red line number 5 to Metro Station Glories. It's about 7 minutes from the centre of Barcelona and Plaza Catalunya and the shopping centre Les Glories is just across from the tower.

Barcelona sunset Torre Agbar

Christopher Columbus has a new Barcelona skyline neighbour. He will never see it because he is looking the wrong way! 

Barcelona Torre Agbar and Columbus statue

Torre Agbar reflected in the glass of a tram stop on Av Diagonal.


For more information, photos and more visit the official website of the Agbar Tower in Barcelona

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