History. It happened today in Barcelona on 3rd February

It happened today in Barcelona

3rd February

3rd February 1753

On February 3, 1753 the foundation stone was laid for the Barceloneta area of Barcelona. Barceloneta is one of the few neighborhoods knows the exact date of its origin. On February 3, 1753, the Marquis de la Mina, captain general of Catalonia, ordered the laying of the first stone of what would become the maritime neighborhood of Barcelona. A replica of the foundation stone is displayed in one of the last original 18th century houses left standing. The area grew extraordinarily quickly and, just four years later, it already had more than fifteen hundred inhabitants. Immigrants from all over settled in the area to work in fishing activities, which gave it a strong multicultural character and defined it from then on as a humble, hardworking and even somewhat marginal neighborhood, since it was the only one built outside of the walls. La Barceloneta, thanks to its proximity to the sea and the construction of the railway, aroused the interest of the incipient Catalan industrial bourgeoisie very early on, who, also escaping the anarchist attacks suffered in the factories within the medieval city walls, decided to place many factories in this neighborhood. The paradigm of this industry is found in “ La Maquinista Terrestre y Marítima ” founded in 1852 and which today gives its name to a street, it was for a long time one of the pillars of the Barcelona economy, until its decline and definitive closure in 1963.

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