History. It happened today in Barcelona on 7th June

It happened today in Barcelona - 7th June

7th June 1926

Gaudí's tragic death. On his daily walk to mass at the church on plaza Sant Felip Neri in the Gothic area of barcelona, Gaudí was crossing the tram tracks on the street and was hit by a tram. The driver later testified that Gaudí was crossing the tracks and took two steps backward when he saw a tram coming, but then he was struck by a tram coming in the opposite direction. Trams in those days only travelled at 10 kph, but the collision was still to prove fatal. The date was 7th June 1926 and it happened on the street Gran Via between the streets of Girona and Bailen in Barcelona (click for map). Gaudí was shabbily dressed and unkempt and was not carrying any identification papers and he was not recognized by anyone at the scene of the accident. He was so shabby in appearance that local taxi drivers refused to take this injured 'vagabond' to hospital and he was taken to a hospital for the poor called L'Antic Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau in the Raval area of Barcelona.  The taxi drivers were later fined by the police for their inaction. Gaudí died on Thursday June 10, 1926, 3 days after the accident. He was 73 years old. Gaudí's funeral was attended by large crowds of Barcelona citizens who paid tribute to the most original architect in Barcelona's history.  Read more

Below: Gaudi's death mask on display in Gaudi house museum in Park Guell

Death mask of Anton Gaudi in Barcelona

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