History. It happened today in Barcelona on 5th August

It happened today in Barcelona

5th August

5th of August 1391

On August 5th, 1391, the Jewish community in Barcelona suffered a violent attack, one of many such assaults occurring across the Iberian Peninsula that year. The anti-Jewish riots that broke out in El Call in Barcelona, were led by a group of Castilians who had participated in previous massacres of Jews in Seville and Valencia, and who came to Barcelona by boat intending to attack the Jews there. During the Barcelona riots at least 400 people were killed (many more were killed in Seville), while others were forcibly converted, Jewish homes were looted, and then the Jewish Quarter was burned down. The abandoned synagogues were demolished, with their stones used to build the royal palace and a new government office building. 

The Massacre of 1391, also known as the pogroms of 1391, was a display of antisemitism and violence against Jews in Castile and Aragon. It was one of the Middle Ages' worst antisemitic outbreaks. Jews in the Iberian Peninsula at this time were generally disliked, and violence against them was common even until the 15th century. The year 1391, however, marked a peak of anti-Jewish violence. Facing death, many Jews converted en masse to Christianity from 1391 onwards.

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